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  • 2010-2016
    • Discovery and New Frontiers News

      April 2010   Volume 11, No. 1
      April 2010

      Discovery Program Announcement

      Students Attempt Mission Design

      EPOXI Prepares for Encounter

      Stardust-NExT on Course

      MESSENGER Nears Mercury Orbit

      Dawn Continues Full Speed Ahead

      New Horizons Plans for Pluto

      Mars Express Gets Close to Phobos

      Juno Assembly Begins April 1

      GRAIL Starts Development

      Strofio Project Continues Development

      Coming Soon - "Space School Musical!"


      August 2010  Volume 11, No. 2
      August 2010

      EPOXI Nears Comet Encounter

      Stardust-NExT Prepares for Encore

      Mercury Orbit Nearing for MESSENGER

      Dawn Prepares for Vesta Arrival

      New Horizons Wakes Up & Works Out

      Juno Armored Up for Jupiter

      "Space School Musical" Brings Fun to Science Learning

      Scenes from JPL Open House

      GRAIL Assembly Begins



      February 2011   Volume 12, No. 1
      February 2011

      Comet Secrets Revealed!

      Mercury Orbit Almost Here

      Dawn Counting Down to Vesta

      New Horizons Passes Halfway Mark

      In Memory of Rick Grammier

      Program Office News

      Juno Coming Together

      GRAIL Continues Assembly



      August 2011  Volume 12, No. 2
      August 2011

      -Juno's spectacular launch on August 5

      -Dawn becoming the first spacecraft to orbit a main belt asteroid and the Vesta Fiestas to celebrate the milestone

      -MESSENGER's historic insertion into orbit around Mercury

      -GRAIL as it prepares for a September launch

      -New Horizons adding a new target to its 2015 flyby of the Pluto system with the discovery of a fourth moon

      -OSIRIS-REx selected s the third New Frontiers mission

      -Selection of three new Discovery mission candidates

      -The Thrill of Discovery educator workshop held last March

      -"Space Musical Musical" - a Telly award, new activity guide, and more



      March 2012   Volume 13, No. 1
      March 2012

      - GRAIL's Ebb and Flow Hard at Work

      - Dawn Reveals Vesta's Impressive Features

      - NASA Extends MESSENGER Mission

      - New Horizons Sets its Sights on Pluto

      - Juno on Track for Jupiter

      - OSIRIS-REx Efforts Underway

      - Strofio Assembly and Test Continues

      - "A Vision of Discovery" Delivers Mission Science Artfully

      - NASA Brings Space to San Diego



      September 2012  Volume 13, No. 2
      Sept. 2012

      -InSight Selected as 12th Discovery Mission

      -Dawn's Awesome Year at Vesta

      -MESSENGER: 8 Years and Going Strong

      -Synchronized Flying with Ebb and Flow

      -Salute to Sally Ride

      -New Horizons Plans for Encounter

      -Juno Performs Deep Space Maneuvers

      -NASA-BYTE Shows Science Can Be Fun

      -OSIRIS-REx To Stay Longer at Asteroid

      -Strofio Delivers Proto Flight Model



      May 2013  Volume 14, No. 1
      May 2013

      -OSIRIS-REx Gets Green Light

      -Remembering Two Colleagues

      -GRAIL Analyzing Data

      -MESSENGER's Many Discoveries

      -Dawn Unravels Vesta's Past

      -New Horizons Plans for Hazards

      -Juno Readies for Earth Flyby

      -InSight Work Moves Forward

      -Strofio Nears Final Assembly

      -150 Educators Attend Workshop

      December 2013  Volume 14, No. 2
      December 2013

      -InSight Reaches Key Milestone

      -MESSENGER Passes 1,000 Days in Orbit

      -On the Path to Pluto

      -Dawn's Newest Findings Revealed

      -Earth Say "Hi" to Juno

      -Tribute to Deep Impact

      -OSIRIS-REx Countdown Begins

      -ASPERA-3 and Strofio Updates

      July 2014   Volume 15, No. 1
      July 2014

      - One Year from Pluto!

      - OSIRIS-REx Construction Underway

      - Dawn Prepares for Ceres

      - Mercury Revealed by MESSENGER

      - Juno on Rapid Track to Jupiter

      - InSight Building Begins

      - 142 Attend Educator Workshop



      December 2014  Volume 15, No. 2
      December 2013

      -New Horizons Ready for Pluto

      -Closeup Images of Mercury

      -Dawn Catching up to Ceres

      -Juno Closer To Jupiter

      -OSIRIS-REx Making Progress

      -InSight Reaches Key Milestone

      -OSIRIS-REx Countdown Begins

      -JPL Open House Photos

      July 2015   Volume 16, No. 1
      July 2015

      - Welcome to Pluto!

      - Dawn First Spacecraft to Orbit Two Planetary Objects

      - MESSENGER Mission Ends with Planned Impact on Mercury’s Surface

      - With One Year to Jupiter, NASA’s Juno Team Prepares for Orbit

      - NASA Begins Testing InSight Lander

      - OSIRIS-REx Begins ATLO Phase

      - 142 Design of Discovery



      July 2016  Volume 17, No. 1
      July 2016

      -Now Orbiting Jupiter – Juno!

      - OSIRIS-REx Prepares for Launch

      - Surprises Galore as Pluto is Revealed

      - Dawn Completes Prime Mission, Returns 69,000 Images of Vesta and Ceres

      - MESSENGER Mission Wraps Up

      - May 2018 Launch Planned for InSight

      - The Impact of Discovery STEAM Experience






























































  • 2008-2009
    • Discovery and New Frontiers News

      February 2008  Volume 9, No. 1
      February 2008

      New Discovery Mission to the Moon

      MESSENGER Flyby Returns Data

      New Horizons to Hibernate

      Dawn Enters Cruise Mode

      EPOXI Observations Begin

      Kepler Continues Towards Launch

      Genesis to Report Findings

      Juno Continues on Track

      Stardust and Stardust-NExT News

      M3 plans April Launch

      June 2008   Volume 9, No. 2
      June 2008

      Fault Management Workshop Held

      Genesis Announces Major Finding

      MESSENGER Prepares for Flyby

      New Horizons Hibernates

      Dawn Cruises On To Vesta

      EPOXI Observations Continue

      Stardust Team Recieves Award

      ASPERA-3 Team Meets in Sweden

      Juno Holds Design Review

      Kepler Plans February Launch

      M3 Launch Date Delayed

      GRAIL Continues Mission Definition

      Discovery Video Wins Award

      October 2008   Volume 9, No. 3
      October 2001

      MESSENGER Up for 2nd Flyby

      New Horizons Wakes Up

      Dawn Plans for Gravity Assist

      EPOXI Observations Conclude

      Stardust-NExT Continues Cruising

      M3 Prepares for Launch

      Kepler Testing Continues

      Juno Mission Confirmed

      GRAIL Proceeding toward PDR

      Discovery at Folklife Festival

      February 2009   Volume 10, No. 1
      February 2009

      M3 Launches on Chandrayaan-1

      Kepler Moves Toward Launch

      MESSENGER Swings by Mercury

      New Horizons Completes Checkout

      Dawn Prepares for Mars Assist

      EPOXI Tests Deep Space Internet

      Stardust-NExT Gets Gravity Assist

      Juno Convenes Review Teams

      GRAIL Confirmed to Proceed

      June 2009   Volume 10, No. 2
      June 2009

      New Frontiers AO Released

      Next Discovery AO on the Way

      Kepler Mission Begins Search

      Interview with William Borucki

      M3 Confirms Lunar Theory

      New Discovery Studies Selected

      MESSENGER Reveals Mercury

      Pluto Planning Underwayc

      Dawn Swings by Mars

      EPOXI Characterizes Hartley 2

      Stardust-NExT Keeps Cruising

      Mars Express Extended

      GRAIL Conducts Reviews

      Juno Completes CDR

      November 2009   Volume 10, No. 3
      November 2009

      M3 Reveals Water Molecules

      MESSENGER Flies by Mercury

      NASA Week in Boaz, Alabama

      Stardust Finds Amino Acid

      Genesis Team Reflects

      Kepler Returns Early Science

      New Horizons in Hibernation

      Dawn Enters Asteroid Belt

      EPOXI Prepares for Flyby

      Juno Continues Development

      GRAIL Completes CDR

      Strofio Begins Work

  • 2006-2007
    • Discovery and New Frontiers News

      April 2006  Volume 7, No. 1
      April 2006

      Notes from the Program Manager

      Stardust Samples Surprises

      New Horizon Zooms To Pluto

      Deep Impact Detects Water Ice

      A New Day for Dawn

      Genesis Reports Progress

      MESSENGER Passes Billion Miles

      Kepler Replanning Underway

      Juno Mission Ramps Up

      M3 Confirmed for Launch

      Kenny Mitchell Retires

      July 2006   Volume 7, No. 2
      July 2006

      Busy Time for New Horizons

      MESSENGER Flips Sunshade

      Stardust Analysis Continues

      Genesis Preparing for Analysis

      Deep Impact Examining Data

      Dawn Plans 2007 Launch

      Kepler Has New Launch Date

      M3 Agreement Signed

      Juno Moving Forward

      Scenes from JPL Open House

      November 2006   Volume 7, No. 3
      November 2006

      Note from the Program Manager

      New Discovery Selections

      MESSENGER Files by Venus

      New Horizons Continues to Pluto

      Stardust Results Presented

      Deep Impact Presents Results

      Genesis Outlines Initial Results

      Dawn Prepares for Launch

      Kepler Resolving Problems

      Juno Ramping Up

      Students Contact ISS

      March 2007   Volume 8, No. 1
      March 2007

      Note from the Program Manager

      New Horizons Gets a Boost

      MESSENGER Prepares for Orbit

      Dawn Prepares for Launch

      Kepler Makes Progress

      Juno Adds to Payload

      M3 Prepares for India

      Stardust Calls Home

      June 2007   Volume 8, No. 2
      June 2007

      Note from the Program Manager

      A New Day Dawns

      Interview with Chris Russell

      Interview with Keyur Patel

      MESSENGER Completes Flyby

      NH Returns Jupiter Images

      ASPERA-3 Collects Data at Mars

      Genesis Analyses Continue

      Kepler Plans 2008 Launch

      Juno Ramping Up

      M3 Prepares for India


      October 2007   Volume 8, No. 3
      October 2007

      Dawn Begins Journey

      Discovery@15 Conference Draws 170

      Discovery@15 Photos

      New Tasks for Stardust and Deep Impact

      MESSENGER on Track for Flyby

      New Horizons Continues to Cruise

      Kepler Sets New Launch Date

      Juno Testing Continues

      ASPERA-3 Gets 2nd Extension

      M3 Arrives in India

  • 2004-2005
    • Discovery and New Frontiers News

      January 2004  Volume 4, No. 1
      January 2004

      Stardust Snares Comet Dust

      Mars Express/ASPERA-3 in Orbit

      CONTOUR Mishap Board

      MESSENGER Prepares to Launch

      Genesis Mission Update

      Deep Impact Prepares for Tests

      Kepler Development Progresses

      Dawn Awaiting Confirmation

      April 2004   Volume 5, No. 2
      april 2004

      Stardust Cruises Home

      Genesis Samples Stowed

      MESSENGER Launch Update

      Deep Impact Testing Continues

      Dawn Plans Design Review

      Kepler Development On Track

      New Discovery Bookmark

      August 2004   Volume 5, No. 3
      August 2004

      MESSENGER Lift-off & Overview

      Interview with Sean Solomon

      Interview with David Grant

      Genesis is Homeward Bound

      Stardust Encounter Surprises

      Bob Metzger Loses Battle

      Deep Impact on Track

      Kepler Gearing up for PDR

      Dawn Development Continues

      Scenes from JPL Open House

      December 2004  Volume 5, No. 4
      December 2004

      A Note from the Program Manager

      Deep Impact Overview

      Interview with Mike A'Hearn

      Interview with Rick Grammier

      Marshall to Manage D/NF Programs

      Genesis Scientists Optimistic

      MESSENGER on Course

      Stardust Cruises Back to Earth

      Dawn Holds Successful CDR

      Kepler Moves to Next Phase

      New Horizons In Integration

      April 2005   Volume 6, No. 1
      April 2005

      A Note from the Program Manager

      Discovery Community Convenes

      Deep Impact On Its Way to Comet

      MESSENGER Journeys Onward

      MESSENGER Antenna

      Discovery Welcomes M3

      Genesis: "We have solar wind"

      Stardust Cruises Home

      New Horizon Begins Integration

      Dawn Mission Status

      Kepler Moves to Next Phase

      National AfterSchool Conference

      August 2005   Volume 6, No. 2
      August 2005

      A Note from the Program Manager

      Deep Impact - Smashing Success

      MESSENGER Nails Earth Flyby

      Stardust Prepares for Return

      Key Genesis Collectors Survive

      Dawn Prepares for Launch

      Kepler Completes Replan

      Welcome to Juno

      New Horizons Undergoes Tests

      December 2005   Volume 6, No. 3
      December 2005

      New Horizons Set for Launch

      Interview with Alan Stern

      Stardust Wild Ride

      Deep Impact Analysis Ongoing

      Genesis Reports Results

      MESSENGER Journeys On

      Dawn Mission Status

      Kepler Makes Progress

      Juno is Underway>

  • 2002-2003
    • Discovery and New Frontiers News

      January 2002  Volume 3, No. 1
      January 2002

      A Note from the Program Manager

      Discovery Ushers in a New Dawn

      Kepler to Search for Planets

      CONTOUR Summer 2002 Launch

      Genesis Collection Begins

      Stardust Gets Closer to Comet

      Deep Impact Reviews Underway

      MESSENGER On Track

      April 2002   Volume 3, No. 2
      April 2002

      A Note from the Program Manager

      CONTOUR Overview

      Interview with Joseph Veverka

      Interview with Mary Chiu

      Interview with Ed Reynolds

      Genesis Still Catching the Wind

      Deep Impact Approved

      MESSENGER Gets Thumbs Up

      Stardust Continues On

      July 2002   Volume 3, No. 3
      July 2002

      A Note from the Program Manager

      CONTOUR Launches

      CONTOUR E/PO Highights

      Mars Pathfinder Legacy Lives On

      Genesis Collection Continues

      Stardust Looks To Encounter

      MESSENGER in Progress

      Deep Impact On Track

      November 2002   Volume 3, No. 4
      November 2002

      A Note from the Program Manager

      Stardust Flies By Asteroid

      Contact Lost with CONTOUR

      Genesis Collection Continues

      MESSENGER Progresses

      Deep Impact on Track

      NASA Awards Kepler Contract

      News about NEAR

      January 2003   Volume 4, No. 1
      January 2003

      In Memory of STS-107 Crew

      Discovery Video Receives Award

      First Year Success for Genesis

      CONTOUR Ends Contact Attempts

      MESSENGER Work Continues

      Max Peterson's Great Adventure

      Stardust Close to Encounter

      Deep Impact Continues on Track

      Kepler Mission Work Underway

      Dawn Begins to Ramp Up

      May 2003   Volume 4, No. 2
      May 2003

      A Note from the Program Manager

      ASPERA-3: Next Stop Mars

      Meet David Winningham

      Genesis Continues Collection

      Stardust Operating Well

      New Launch Date for Deep Impact

      Kepler Development Underway

      Dawn Continues Development

      MESSENGER Facing Challenges

      October 2003   Volume 4, No. 3
      October 2003

      A Note from the Program Manager

      Changes in Discovery Management

      Stardust Continues Toward Comet

      Genesis Collection Continues

      MESSENGER Launch Date Moves

      Deep Impact Coming Together

      Dawn Prepares for Design Review

      Kepler Development Continues

      Mars Express On Its Way

  • 2000-2001
    • Discovery and New Frontiers News

      September 2000   Volume 1, No. 1
      September 2000

      A Note from the Program Manager

      Discovery Program Highlights

      NEAR Continues Eros Orbit

      Stardust Cruises To Encounter

      Genesis on Schedule for Launch

      CONTOUR Development Underway

      MESSENGER Reviews Held

      Deep Impact Conducts Reviews

      ASPERA-3 to Fly on Mars Express

      January 2001   Volume 2, No. 1
      January 2001

      A Note from the Program Manager

      NEAR End of Mission Approaches

      A Look Back at the Beginning

      Interview with Andrew Cheng

      Interview with Robert Farquhar

      Interview with Thomas Coughlin

      April 2001   Volume 2, No. 2
      April 2001

      A Note from the Program Manager

      NEAR Data Analysis Begins

      Genesis Prepares for Launch

      Stardust Gets a Boost from Earth

      CONTOUR on Track for Launch

      DI and MESSENGER Reviews

      ASPERA-3 Components Sent

      July 2001   Volume 2, No. 3
      July 2001

      A Note from the Program Manager

      Genesis Mission Overview

      Genesis Products Reach Out

      Interview with Don Burnett

      Interview with Chet Sasaki

      Interview with Lloyd Oldham

      October 2001   Volume 2, No. 4
      October 2001

      A Note from the Program Manager

      Genesis on its way

      Discovery Learns from DS 1

      Stardust Continues to Cruise

      CONTOUR On Track for Launch

      MESSENGER Proceeding Well

      Deep Impact Makes Progress