Space School Musical

Unlocking the Mysteries

Impact of Discovery

Space School Musical

Watch the solar system come alive in this ultra-cool edu-tainment “hip-hopera” that is out of this world!

Unlocking the Mysteries
This award-winning Discovery Program overview video takes you along on some of NASA’s coolest missions to explore the solar system.

Impact of Discovery Workshop
The Impact of Discovery workshop, held on April 9, 2016, focused on STEAM engagement, STEM + Art, and featured a great new maker project; also mission scientists and engineers discussed how they tackle their mission’s complex challenges to assure success.

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Image Impact!


Track Poster

Bullseye picture Meteoroid

Get the inside story on some compelling and iconic mission images that are changing long-held beliefs about our solar system.

+Image Impact!
Do you know the difference between a METEOROID, METEOR and METEORITE?
Learn these jingles and you won’t forget!


Exo's Discovery Mission Milestones Eyes on the Solar System

Exo’s Discovery
Help Exo explore our solar system and find the resources to power his spaceship home.

Mission Milestones
Learn about Discovery and New Frontiers mission milestones.

Eyes on the Solar System

Check out this 3D experience that brings the solar system to your desktop.