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SArt & The Cosmic Connection Art & The Cosmic Connection Use the elements of art to become an artist explorer and investigate mysterious features on rocky solar system bodies, then choose an image and create your own cosmic artwork. +Art & The Cosmic Connection All Levels
Space School Musical Space School Musical Hannah's science project is due tomorrow but her model of the solar system isn't finished and it's past her bedtime. How will she get it done? With a little help from her friends — the most talented troupe in the Milky Way! Space is definitely one cool place! + Space School Musical All Levels
Spacecraft Fleet Build Your Own Spacecraft Fleet Learn more about the Discovery missions by building a paper model. Spend some time assembling one, and you'll get to know the spacecraft very well indeed! + Spacecraft Models All Levels

Astrobiology: Science Learning Activities for Afterschool

Can life exist in boiling hot springs or freezing dry valleys on Earth? Does life exist on other planets? Recent discoveries about life forms in extreme environments have renewed interest in looking for life elsewhere. Consider some intriguing questions about where life might exist.  

+ Astrobiology Guide K-7  
Mars Mars & Earth: Science Learning Activities for Afterschool Did wind create features on Mars? What can we learn from images of other planets? Encourage students to test their ideas about how some of the features on Mars may have been produced.

+ Mars & Earth Guide


Sun as a Star:

Science Learning Activities for Afterschool

The Sun As a Star activities teach concepts related to the Sun and light with opportunities for the students to investigate each idea. Most of the nine sequential activities can be completed in about one hour.

+  Sun as a Star Guide

Unlocking the Mysteries Unlocking the Mysteries Watch the award-winning Discovery Program overview video, "Unlocking the Mysteries," and then design your own mission to investigate the cosmic unknowns. + Unlocking the Mysteries 5-12
Exo’s Discovery

Exo’s Discovery

Solve three mission mysteries as you explore our solar system and help Exo and his spacecraft, Disco, return to their home planet, K’naxis Prime. Along the way, get super-cool views of our solar system in this interactive game!

 + Exo’s Discovery 5-10
Mission Milestones Mission Milestones Use the Mission Milestone Interactive to learn the stories behind the 13 Discovery and New Frontiers missions, plus the 5 Discovery Missions of Opportunity. + Mission Milestones 7-12
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