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SArt & The Cosmic Connection Art & The Cosmic Connection Use the elements of art to become an artist explorer and investigate mysterious features on rocky solar system bodies, then choose an image and create your own cosmic artwork. +Art & The Cosmic Connection All Levels
Build your own spacecraft fleet Build Your Own Spacecraft Fleet Learn more about the Discovery missions by building a paper model. Spend some time assembling one, and you'll get to know the spacecraft very well indeed! + Spacecraft Models All Levels
Small Worlds Jingles

Small Worlds Jingles

Look up in the sky, it's not a bird or a plane. It's not a shooting star, it's a meteor! Sing along and discover the difference between meteors, meteorites and meteoroids.

+ Listen to the 3-M Jingles All Levels
Space School Musical Space School Musical Hannah's science project is due tomorrow but her model of the solar system isn't finished and it's past her bedtime. How will she get it done? With a little help from her friends — the most talented troupe in the Milky Way! Space is definitely one cool place! + Space School Musical All Levels
Discovery Program bookmark

"Explore the Solar System with NASA's Discovery Program" Bookmark

This Discovery Program bookmark illustrates the human joy of scientific learning acquired through the engineering feat of sending robotic instruments to faraway destinations.  

+ Discovery Bookmark All Levels

Outer Space  Coloring Sheets

Choose your favorite mission and use your favorite colors to brighten up the solar system.

+ Coloring Sheets Pre- K-4
Space Thrills Space Thrills Poster Ride a roller coaster through the solar system and learn about the planets. Which one do you want to explore?. + Space Thrills Poster K-4
Space Place

Space Place

Check out some fun games, animations, projects, and fun facts about Earth, space and technology..

+ Space Place

Gravity Launch Gravity Launch Explore how the Earth’s and moon’s gravity affects the path of a rocket launched into space.

+ Interactive

+ Teacher Guide


Try out many NASA careers as you are transported to the future in search of a planet fit for human habitation.

 + Astro-Venture 5-8
Vesta Exploration Join Vesta Exploration Learn about asteroid Vesta by creating a 3-D model from Hubble Space Telescope images. Watch it spin on its axis with your own flipbook. + Join Vesta Exploration 5-8
Exo's Discovery

Exo’s Discovery

Solve three mission mysteries as you explore our solar system and help Exo and his spacecraft, Disco, return to their home planet, K’naxis Prime. Along the way, get super-cool views of our solar system in this interactive game!

+ Exo’s Discovery 5-10
Design an Ion Engine Design an Ion Engine Learn how ion engines use electric fields instead of chemical reactions to propel the Dawn spacecraft, then build your own. + Ion Engines 8-12
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