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SArt & The Cosmic Connection Art & The Cosmic Connection Use the elements of art to become an artist explorer and investigate mysterious features on rocky solar system bodies, then choose an image and create your own cosmic artwork. +Art & The Cosmic Connection All Levels
Space School Musical Space School Musical Hannah's science project is due tomorrow but her model of the solar system isn't finished and it's past her bedtime. How will she get it done? With a little help from her friends — the most talented troupe in the Milky Way! Space is definitely one cool place! + Space School Musical All Levels
Solar System Exploration Solar System Exploration Explore this one-stop shop for planetary information published by NASA's Science Mission Directorate. + Solar System Exploration All Levels
Discovery Missions Education Discovery Missions Education Pages Each Discovery Program mission develops products and activities to bring the science and technology of their unique investigation to students of all ages.

+ Discovery Education pages

All Levels
Space Thrills

Space Thrills Poster

Use this fun poster to teach your students about the solar system with reading and writing activities as they imagine themselves on a roller coaster in space. The back of the poster includes teaching tips, fun facts and short narratives.

+ Space Thrills Poster K-4
Extreme Navigation Extreme Navigation You’ve learned all about comets and asteroids and moons and planets – but how do you get to them? Model a mission working to rendezvous with a comet in this dynamic, kinesthetic activity.

+ Teacher Guide

+ Role Cards
Find a Meteorite

Find a Meteorite

Challenge your students as to how meteorites and asteroids differ from each other and learn how they both provide clues to unlocking the mysteries of the asteroid belt.

+ Find a Meteorite

What are We Made of? What are We Made of?

By counting elements extracted from a simulated sample, students will learn how the extraction of atoms from the Genesis

samples help scientists have a better understanding of the abundances of elements from the solar wind.

+ Bead Activity

Exo’s Discovery

Exo’s Discovery

Solve three mission mysteries as you explore our solar system and help Exo and his spacecraft, Disco, return to their home planet, K’naxis Prime. Along the way, get super-cool views of our solar system in this interactive game!

 + Exo’s Discovery 5-10
Unlocking the Mysteries Unlocking the Mysteries Watch the award-winning Discovery Program overview video, "Unlocking the Mysteries," and then design your own mission to investigate the cosmic unknowns. + Unlocking the Mysteries 5-12
Mission Milestones

Mission Milestones

Use the Mission Milestone Interactive to learn the stories behind the 13 Discovery and New Frontiers missions, plus the 5 Discovery Missions of Opportunity.

+ Mission Milestones 7-12
Active Accretion Active Accretion Get your students out of their seats and hustling to learn about the origin of asteroids! Students model the accretion of specks of matter in our early solar system into minor planets—and they do it dynamically while burning off energy!! + Active Accretion 7-12
Interactive Periodic Table

Interactive Periodic Table

What if students could learn the periodic table with a fun, interactive simulation? On the Web, or downloaded to your computer, engage your students in creating their own models of the periodic table.

+ Periodic Table
+ Teacher's Guide

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