Small Worlds - Cool Stuff for Students
   Title  Description
Exo's Discovery  Exo's Discovery Help Exo, a friendly visitor from another solar system, explore our planets and small worlds to find the resources to power his spaceship home.
Meteorite  Find a Meteorite Could that rock in your backyard be a meteorite? Learn how to distinguish a space rock from an Earth rock.
Comets Tale elements  A Comet's Tale

A game about the origin, characteristics, and history of comets, with animations and instructions on how to 'make a comet.'

IDA Keeping an Eye on Space Rocks Scientists are discovering more asteroids and comets with unusual orbits -- some that take them close to the Earth.
Comet Comets: Bright Tails, Black Hearts

An interesting look at the small but feisty comets.


Ion Propulsion Ion Propulsion Simulation The Dawn spacecraft uses ion propulsion to travel to the asteroid belt. These fun activities help you understand how it works.
Characters from Space School Musical Space School Musical

Check out the Stand-Up Comet and the Asteroid Gang - crazy kids - in this ultra-cool journey through the solar system!

Perseid Meteor Shower Small Worlds Jingles Look up in the sky, it's not a bird or a plane. It's not a shooting star, it's a meteor! Sing along and discover the difference between meteors, meteorites and meteoroids.