Discovery@15 Podcasts
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Session One:
Origins of the Discovery Program
Robert Farquhar



Session Two:
Sample Return
Carlton Allen, Moderator

Session Three:
Infusion of New Technology
Jonathan Rall, Moderator



Session Four:
International Collaboration
Timothy Tawney, Moderator

Session Five:
Keynote Address
Alan Stern, Associate Administrator,
NASA Science Mission Directorate


Session Six (A):
Development and Project Management
Ted Mueller, Moderator

Session Six (B):
Development and Project Management - Cont.
Ted Mueller, Moderator


Session Seven:
Education and Public Outreach
Larry Cooper - Moderator

Session Eight:
Complexities of Deep Space Operations
Lindley Johnson, Moderator


Session Nine:
"Discovery - On the Road Again"
Wesley Huntress, Former Administrator of NASA's Office of Space Science


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